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One On One Nutrition Coaching

Jodi is passionate about making healthy eating and mindfulness therapies accessible to everyone. She writes detailed treatment plans and can assist you with nutrition, supplementation, fat loss, muscle gain, performance & productivity, sleep, gut health, and much more.

Individual coaching is a powerful process for assisting you to maximise your potential and achieve what matters most to you. This could be weight loss/gain, gut health, mental health, peak performance and more. When supporting clients the focus will be on exploring your agenda, identifying your goals and challenging you to create strategies and habits that will create a shift and take you forward.

You will be provided with the tools and support that suit your bio-individuality. A one-on-one coaching series typically involves 3-6 one-hour phone or Skype sessions in order to support sustainable growth over time. Specific goals are developed and the appropriate balance of accountability and support will assist you to see exceptional results with both your physical and mental health.

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Special discounted rates apply for the military, veterans, and first responders.

Corporate Nutrition & Lifestyle Programs

Utilising behavioural change science, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine Jodi delivers engaging and relevant content in a bite-sized format that is easy for participants to understand and apply.

This option is appropriate for medical professionals, corporations, community groups and those seeking to benefit from evidence-based nutrition education.

Event speaking & workshops
“Jodi’s presentations are a pleasure to watch, her energy is infectious!”

Peter, Army Veteran

Event Speaking & Workshops

Jodi offers event or corporate speaking on the topics of evidence-based nutrition and mindfulness-based therapies for optimum performance.

Jodi provides audience members with the tools they need to make meaningful and sustainable lifestyle changes. Information is founded on cutting edge science, paving the way for improved productivity, mood, and disease resistance. The focus of these workshops is to empower audiences to take control of their health with realistic and achievable advice.

Jodi has recently presented for organisations such as:

  • Mates4Mates
  • Torrens University
  • Returned Services League of Queensland
  • Australasian College of Natural Therapies
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation

Please feel free to express an interest in having Jodi tailor a presentation, workshop or panel speaking on a specified nutritional or lifestyle medicine area.

Presentation and workshop topics include:

  • Nutrition & Healthy Eating for Mental Wellness
  • Nutrition & Productivity – Reduce Stress and Enhance Work Performance
  • Nutrition & Mental Health – Combat Stress, Depression & Anxiety
  • Nutrition & Mindfulness-based therapies for Improved Performance
  • Meal Prep For Success
  • Yoga & Mindfulness-based therapies for PTSD, Depression & Anxiety

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga & Meditation

Jodi specialises in clinical breathing techniques, meditation & Trauma Sensitive Yoga therapy in a group setting. Sessions are suitable for all injuries and abilities, including those suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety. You can read more about the benefits of these mindfulness-based therapies here.

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