Veteran & First Responder Wellbeing Programs

Wellbeing Programs + Workshops

With a background serving 14 years in the Royal Australian Airforce, Jodi is passionate about supporting veterans, first responders, and correctional service officers, sharing evidence-based strategies for wellbeing and resilience.

Jodi has experience in developing and facilitating nutrition, yoga and mindfulness based programs for Ex-Service Organisations including Mates4Mates 3 Day Wellness Retreats, 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation’s Triumph Over Trauma Program, Women Veteran’s Australia Wellbeing Retreat and Due South Australia’s Veteran and First Responder Wellbeing Programs.

All wellbeing services can be delivered face to face throughout Australia or online, including:

  • 1-2 hour guest presentations on topics such as stress, sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness
  • Online live webinars 
  • Lunch and Learn sessions (30mins to 1hr)
  • half-day or full-day workshops
  • 3 & 4 Day Retreats

For larger projects, Jodi has a team of highly qualified mental health clinicians, counsellors, yoga and meditation teachers and exercise physiologists experienced in program delivery. 

Please get in touch with Jodi, using the contact link below, to see how we can develop a program that is right for you and your organisation. 

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